A letter from our Head of School, Jaime Dominguez

Reflecting on the 2022-23 school year, what stands out are the many opportunities we had to, once again, gather together in person. Our first-ever Oakwood community picnic was an exuberant start to the year. This joy continued through every assembly, game, celebration, concert, and performance I had the pleasure to be a part of. From the Special Event to the Gender Justice Summit, State of the School, and our K-12 All-School Assembly, there was a joyful abundance of milestone events. Each and every moment that we were together again, our community’s shared sense of purpose and care for one another was palpable.

Three strategic priorities guided us along the way: Action, Belonging, and Curriculum. These priorities, embodied through work in the classroom and beyond, reflect our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also develop the skills and empathy necessary to thrive in a complex and interconnected world. Our students learn what it means to be part of a community by understanding that we depend on one another and through witnessing countless acts of kindness and generosity.   

This Annual Report is a record of the boundless support exhibited by our community and its daily impact on the lives of students. These contributions made by our volunteers and donors are instrumental in advancing student-centered initiatives, many of which originated years ago and continue to evolve in alignment with our Statement of Philosophy. Your generous donations strengthen our curricular offerings and enable the professional growth of educators and administrators. Furthermore, your gifts broaden access to an Oakwood education for students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds through our financial assistance program. 

Every member of our community holds the power to shape our future, and every single act of giving makes a tangible difference to our diverse and dynamic students. As we continue to see year after year, when Oakwood functions as a collective whole, we progress toward the fulfillment of our highest goals. I extend my gratitude to all who have helped bring Oakwood School to where it is today and who continue to carry us forward.


Jaime A. Dominguez
Head of School

Kitchen Project Donors

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Jeremy & Susan Adler
Emmalynn N. Alfaro
Mark Altamirano
American Endowment Foundation
Judy Hart Angelo
Lori Hall Armstrong & Michael D. Armstrong
Craig & Giselle Arteaga-Johnson
Christine & Charles Aubrey
Jamie ’92 & Matthew Bakal
Kathryn & Greg Bell
Andrea & Matthew Benbassat
Marty & Elyse Berman
Howard M. Bernstein
California Community Foundation
Chet Architecture
Brendan Casey ’06
Liam Casey ’12
Rosemary & Peter Casey
Naomi and Jeffrey Caspe
Meryl & Michael Chae
Minor D. Childers
Priya Girishankar & Damon Cleckler
Jonathan & Faith Cookler
Tree Corbett
Lisa Brenner & Dean Devlin
Hilary Lindahl & Chris DeWolfe
Arpita & Brian Diamond
Timothy Disney
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Ti Aguirre & Jaime A. Dominguez
Sarah Hendler & Vincent Dotolo
Katie & Mark Duplass
Susan & Arthur Ellis
Andrea & Damon Falconer
Emily & Norm Felong
Janet Hansen and & Kelly Finn
Anne Fischer
Anne & Jim Fischer
Bridget Fonda & Danny Elfman
Marissa Levin & Ronald Frankel
Brenda & Ken Fritz
Dede Gardner
Vandana Khanna & Jason George
Karly & Jeffrey Gilbert
Christine Callahan & Jonathan Glickman
Caroline Williams & Drew Goddard
Jessica & Adam Goodman
Wendy Greuel & Dean Schramm
David & Jordyn Grohl
Kat Haro
Toya Haas Harrison EC ’58 & Steve Harrison
Jackie Hay
Brian Henson & Mia Sarapochiello
The Homampour Family
Tom & Deedie Hudnut
Sarah & Pascal Imperato
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
The Jones Family
Jonathan Kaplan & Heidi Taylor
Marta Kauffman
Micheline & Max Keller
Van Khanna & Jason George
Kelly Wearstler & Brad Korzen
Kaye Popofsky Kramer & Jeremy Kramer
Rachel & Greg Kurstin ’87
Nancy Laskow
Nancy Leptuch Virrey & David Virrey
Chris DeWolfe & Hilary Lindahl
Shayne Reich Lipsey ’82 & David Lipsey
Madison Love ’13
The Love Family
Lauren McAuliffe & Doug MacLaren
Carol MacRae
Jeffrey Markowitz ’82 & Ada Gorn
Jeanne Marks
Jody & Gary Marsh
Barbara and Garry Marshall
Linda & Stephen Mazur
The McCord Family
Joan McNamara
Francois Mobasser & Kate Angelo
Nicole & Allan Mutchnik
Hirsh-Naftali Family
Delight & Michael Nasatir
The Nowak Family-Erin, Michael, Jade and Kai
Emmanuel & Sonya Odamtten, in memory of Carrie Lee Grayson
Andrew ’88 & Helen Palmer
Michael Marshall & Melissa Palmer
Andrew Paquin
Oakwood Parent & Guardian Organization
Kacey & William Perkins Tift
Robin & Ira Pianko
Paulette Light & Jeff Rake
Madeline & Bruce Ramer
Edward & Jeanette Roach
Robert T. Blywise Family Foundation
Richard & Ina Rogal
Megan Colligan & Mark Roybal
Kwame & Phyllis Salter
Jill Cohen & Josh Saltman
Judy & Paul Schaeffer
Schwab Charitable Fund
Marilyn Seligman
Dana Settle
Richard Settle
Ginger & William Sherak
Linda & William Shockley
Christina Shirinyan
Elaine & English Showalter
Carolyn Jo Silas ’84
Amanda & Greg Silverman
David Simon & Roberta Kung
Michael Skloff
Joan & Sheldon Steier
Alexandra & Jordan Susman
Vandoster & Evangelyn Tabb
Agatha Tamara
The Teller Family
Maureen & Noel Testa
The Thomas Family – Chris, Karen & Jenna
Mary Thomas
Sherry Tift
Sherry & Bill Tift
Bonnie Vitti / The Louis & Harold Price Foundation
Barbara & David Voron
Laura A. Wasser
David Weber
Brent Wolmer
Stephanie & Brent Wolmer
Aaron Zimmerman & Kira Goldberg
Julie & Kenneth Zunder